Investment Advisory Services

Find the Right Investment Property

If you are a private or institutional investor looking for properties in the Midwest, we can assist you. We have helped our clients invest in a variety of properties, including office complexes, mobile home parks, apartments, hotels, industrial facilities, shopping centers, condominiums and other structures. We also work with people who are interested in reinvesting their sales proceeds in a tax-deferred exchange.

  • Buy Properties
  • Sell Properties
  • Provide Investment Analysis
  • Offer Investment Valuations
  • Assist with Capital Restructurings

A Full-Service Approach

We take a full-service view rather than one that is just transaction-oriented. This offers our clients a number of benefits:

Thorough – We can do a complete evaluation of your current properties, determining which ones meet your goals, and which should be replaced by others with a better fit.

Offer Many Alternatives – We can help you locate all types of properties. Our brokers have many years of market experience and give us a strong track record of helping other clients in similar situations.

Resourceful – We have access to extensive resources. This includes the network of contacts we have built around the world, as well as a detailed database of property and ownership information. Our research and analysis department will provide all of the background you need to make an informed decision.

In addition, we offer a one-stop approach to other services provided by Draper and Kramer, from obtaining additional financing, to marketing and managing your properties.


Identifying the Right Opportunities for You

The combined experience of our brokers represents more than 60 years. Let us put their expertise to work for you.

Leon Athas
Senior Vice President

Timothy Hartnett
Senior Vice President

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