Government Financing: FHA-Approved Lender

Long-standing Relationship

We have been a Federal Housing Administration approved lender since 1937. This includes the financing of apartments, senior housing, skilled care nursing facilities and assisted living. The scope of our work has involved new construction, rehabilitation, acquisition and refinancing.

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Name Title Phone # Email
Lee Oller Senior Vice President
MAP/LEAN Underwriter
312-580-6549 ollerl@draperandkramer.com
Brian Black Senior Vice President 312-580-6552 blackb@draperandkramer.com
Susan Schnoll Senior Vice President
MAP Underwriter
414-351-5628 schnolls@DraperandKramer.com
Alan Cravitz Senior Vice President
MAP Underwriter
312-795-2371 cravitza@draperandkramer.com
Emmett Donovan Vice President
MAP Underwriter
312-795-2656 donovane@draperandkramer.com
Ryan Johnson Assistant Vice President
MAP Underwriter Trainee
312-795-2324 johnsonr@draperandkramer.com
Steve Cain Research Analyst 312-795-2667 cains@draperandkramer.com
David Butt Operations Manager 312-795-2322 buttd@draperandkramer.com
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