What Is (and Isn’t) a Maintenance Emergency

When something goes wrong in your apartment, is it a maintenance emergency? Or not? If you are in doubt about what constitutes an emergency, you’re not alone. After all, many tenants live in their apartments for a long time without experiencing a issue. As a result, there’s not always a great deal of experience to draw from. But as … Continued

Tips on How to Maintain Your Apartment Appliances

Many of us are spending more time indoors than ever before, and our appliances are getting far more use than usual. For that reason, knowing how to clean and maintain your oven, washer, dryer, dishwasher, and other appliances is particularly important right now. It may come as a surprise that dishwashers and washer machines do … Continued

How to Get Tenants to Renew Their Leases

Apartment turnover is a fact of life for landlords and property owners. However, excess turnover need not be. By establishing practices to get your tenants to renew their leases and stay in the long term, you not only cut costs: you also enhance the desirability of your community.  Reductions in turnover benefit tenants, property managers … Continued

10 Apartment Patio Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Space

For many people shut inside an apartment during the pandemic, having a patio or balcony has become a welcomed extension of their quarantine space. It is even easier to appreciate having an outdoor space during the hot summer months, when being able to get outside while staying safe in a private environment is a true … Continued

The Rental Application Process: What to Expect When Applying

You’re excited, and that’s understandable: you’ve found an apartment that’s just what you were looking for. Now what? It’s time to fill out a rental application. A rental application is a form that provides the information necessary for a landlord or property owner to determine a tenant’s creditworthiness and their ability to pay their rent reliably.  … Continued

The Benefits of Renting a Two-Bedroom Apartment

When beginning an apartment search, determining what apartment size you should look for can be a difficult decision. If you are considering upgrading your space from a studio or one-bedroom apartment to a two-bedroom apartment, there are several benefits in doing so – especially for those who have a growing family, work from home, or … Continued

Understanding Your Apartment Utility Bill

For many apartment dwellers, “rent & utilities” is the largest line item in their budget. Although it is easy to fill in the rent amount, calculating utilities is another matter. Electricity and natural gas usage often vary a great deal throughout the year. A utility bill in the summer may be very different from one … Continued

Apartment Reviews: How to Read Between the Lines to Find a Great Place to Live

When renters begin the search for an apartment rental, the internet is typically the first place they turn. Few individuals are willing to sign a lease without researching the building, management company, or landlord—and with good reason. However, it is all too easy to be overwhelmed by the volume of reviews on the internet, making … Continued

Las Colinas: An Irving, TX Community with a Plan for Prosperity

Designed in the ’70s as an urban paradise for modern professionals and their families, Las Colinas is a stunning planned community in Irving, Texas that is known for innovation and prosperity. Residential neighborhoods blend with green areas, entertainment districts, cultural landmarks, educational institutions, and more, putting everything residents need within arms’ reach. Fine dining experiences, luxurious … Continued