Exploring the Artistic Side of San Antonio

San Antonio is a vibrant, modern city that simultaneously embraces its storied history. The past rubs shoulders with the present in this city.  Consider the fact that just a few steps away from The Alamo—built in 1718 to memorialize the courage and bravery of those who fought for Texas independence—is the iconic and festive River … Continued

The History of Lake Michigan

Although Chicago’s most popular nickname is the “Windy City,” it is also referred to as the “City by the Lake.” The reference, of course, is to Lake Michigan. Chicago’s economy, lifestyle, and recreation are all very much affected by this massive body of fresh water. Without it, Chicago would not be the economic powerhouse it … Continued

Must-Have Kitchen Accessories That Will Help You Stick to Your Healthy Eating Goals

With restaurants offering limited dining options across the U.S. due to COVID-19, many of us are spending more time cooking at home (or learning how to cook!) than ever before. Those who are new to cooking—as well as those who have kicked their cooking habits up a notch—have probably found that they’re missing some much-needed … Continued

McKinney TX: 19th Century Charm Just 30 Minutes From Downtown Dallas

In 1836, Collin McKinney became one of 59 delegates to sign the Texas Declaration of Independence. Those settling North Texas honored him twice over. Collin County came to be in 1846, and McKinney, TX, followed just three years later. Today, it ranks as one of the most livable places in the United States. In fact, when … Continued

The History of BBQ in St. Louis

There’s a smokin’ hot BBQ scene in St. Louis. The Show-Me State’s love affair with BBQ ribs began more than a century ago, when a steamboat cook named Henry Perry picked up discarded slabs of ribs from the Kansas City stockyards and used locally harvested hardwood trees to slow-smoke them. Today, St. Louis residents consume more BBQ … Continued

How to Decorate Your Apartment with Houseplants

In addition to being a trendy decorative element, houseplants add tons of life and beauty to apartments. Now that we’re spending more time indoors, it is particularly important to add houseplants to your home, as they can significantly brighten a living area and bring life to even the smallest spaces. In addition to bringing light … Continued

What Every Cyclist Should Look for When Apartment Hunting

In urban areas across the country, bike culture is more robust than ever. Roughly 870,000 people report commuting by bicycle—many of them young and urban residents—according to the U.S. Census. Countless more travel by bike to visit friends, do chores, and to get some fresh air and exercise. In fact, national bicycle ridership grew 40 percent between … Continued

Women’s History Month: Celebrating Iconic Women in History

From Malala Yousafzai to Harriet Tubman to Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the world’s history has been shaped by the fearless women who have made significant advances in racial equality, civil rights, women’s suffrage, environmental change, and beyond. March serves as Women’s History Month, honoring the leaders, activists, and role models—both past and present—who have risked their … Continued

Helpful Tips and Storage Hacks to Maximize Your Apartment Space

Since we’ve all been spending more time at home, you’ve likely invested in new items for your apartment. Perhaps you’ve built out a home gym during the lockdown, or you’ve expanded your home office during this extended work-from-home period. Upgrading your apartment can make sheltering-in-place a lot more productive and enjoyable. But with purchasing these … Continued

Tips for Upgrading Movie Nights in Your Apartment

When was the last time you went to the movies? Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, many movie theaters across the country remain closed out of an abundance of caution. Even in communities where theaters are open, not everyone feels comfortable going to see the latest film indoors with strangers during a pandemic. Still, it’s hard not … Continued