Apartment Reviews: How to Read Between the Lines to Find a Great Place to Live

When renters begin the search for an apartment rental, the internet is typically the first place they turn. Few individuals are willing to sign a lease without researching the building, management company, or landlord—and with good reason. However, it is all too easy to be overwhelmed by the volume of reviews on the internet, making … Continued

Bark Park Etiquette: 7 Tips on How to Best Use Your Community’s Dog Park

While people around the world have been getting used to lockdown measures enacted to stem the spread of COVID-19, it can be easy to forget that our pets are having to adapt to a new reality too. Especially for dogs that are accustomed to regular outdoor playdates and exercise, having those activities limited by the conditions … Continued

Credit Scores and Apartments: What You Need to Know

580. 670. 740. 800. These little three-digit numbers, known as credit scores, can have an enormous impact on your life. When you apply for a credit card or loan, your credit score is a major factor in determining whether or not your application will be approved by a credit card company or bank. The higher … Continued

How to Stay Cool and Reduce Your HVAC Bills This Summer

Across the country, people are bracing for higher summer electric bills than usual as a result of COVID-19. During a normal summer, professionals are able to offset some of their electricity usage by commuting to work, where they can enjoy the cool blast of the office air conditioning (AC) without paying a dime. But this … Continued

10 Low Maintenance Ideas for a Stunning Landscape Design

Your landscaping can color how tenants and neighbors remember your property. After all, it’s the first thing people see when they visit your building. In fact, over 68 percent of respondents said that landscaping influenced their decision to rent or buy a property in a 2014 study on the impact of landscape design on residential … Continued

Newly Married? Top Tips for Apartment Hunting

With the rush and excitement of planning a wedding and honeymoon, it is all too easy to let one of the most important elements of married life fall by the wayside: the apartment search. For some couples, their wedding day marks the first time they will live together. For others, they may want to upgrade … Continued

Tips for Social Distancing in Your Apartment

Most apartment buildings include several shared common areas, often making it difficult for residents to maintain a six-foot distance upon leaving their apartments. From elevators and mail areas to hallways and stairwells, how can residents protect themselves from the coronavirus outbreak while living in an apartment building? There are considerable precautions household members can take … Continued