Commercial real estate continues to be a male-dominated field, with only about 36% of roles in the industry filled by women, according to CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) Network. So, in honor of Women’s History Month, we’re spotlighting a woman who not only works in commercial real estate, but has excelled, rising through the ranks at Draper and Kramer, Incorporated to become a senior vice president and a top producer for our Commercial Finance Group (CFG): Christine Barry.

Christine joined Draper and Kramer 26 years ago, shortly after graduating from the University of Illinois with a bachelor’s degree in finance. The firm then had a two-year entry level program, the Research and Analyst Group, which supported all branches of the company. After spending a year and a half as an analyst, she was promoted to assistant vice president within CFG.

A family of three, with a man, a woman, and a young girl holding a lollipop, posing together on a sunny street with colorful decorations overhead.
Balancing success in commercial real estate with cherished family moments, Christine is the epitome of dedication and resilience.

“It’s funny, when I first joined DK, I thought it would be the first step in my career. But the very things that drew me to the company, including the reputation, people, and culture, are exactly why I’ve spent my entire career here,” said Christine.

However, if not for her college advisor, Christine may have taken an entirely different career path. “I’d met with my counselor to switch my major from finance to advertising and marketing, but he suggested taking a real estate course before making any final decisions. It was great advice, because after my first class, I knew I wanted to work in commercial real estate.” she said.

“It’s a career where you can really control your destiny,” Christine noted. “If you work hard, there is really no limit to what you can achieve.”

Christine is equally passionate about helping other women get their start in commercial real estate. She has been a member of Real Estate Finance Forum (REFF), an organization focused on the advancement of women in real estate finance, since 1999, and has held various board positions, including president, from 2005 to 2012. She currently sits on the REFF Advisory Board. Christine is also a member of CREW Chicago as well as the International Council of Shopping Centers.

Additionally, since 2017, Christine has been a mentor for One Million Degrees, a charitable organization that helps community college students earn college degrees.

A woman holding a young girl, both smiling at the camera, standing in a garden.
Passing on the torch of empowerment: Christine Barry and her daughter Isabella, showcasing the importance of ambition and inspiration across generations.

When she isn’t spearheading deals or volunteering her time, Christine enjoys international travel with her family – which includes her husband whom she met at Draper and Kramer, and her daughter, Isabella.

Professional woman posing for a corporate headshot against a blue background.

Breaking barriers and paving the way for women in commercial real estate, Christine Barry has risen to become a Senior Vice President at Draper and Kramer, proving hard work knows no bounds.

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