Although she has spent nearly three decades in payroll management, Donna Minet says her seven years as Payroll Manager with Draper and Kramer have been the best of her career. Although the firm is large, she notes, working for Draper and Kramer feels like working for family, “in the best way.”

“I treasure the friendships I’ve made here at DK, and I love working in a department that interacts with the entire company,” Donna says. “Although technically you’d call my position a finance role, I also consider myself to be in customer service, too, as I want to ensure a great experience for all of our employees and vendors.”

As Payroll Manager, Donna oversees the day-to-day aspects of employee payroll and all accounts payable. “When I first began my career, I managed accounts payable for a smaller company and ultimately added payroll to my duties, too. I found I really loved the work,” she says.

A woman sitting at a desk with a computer in front of her.
Where Dedication Meets Comfort: Donna Minet in her Home Office

“Donna consistently goes out of her way to assist her DK teammates,” said Jim Hayes, chief financial officer for Draper and Kramer. “She has one of the most positive outlooks and we are fortunate to have Donna be part of our team.”

Two pictures of a family with a dog and a baby.
For Donna, Home Is Where the Heart Is: Balancing Work, Family, and her Canine Companions

Just as her professional relationships are meaningful to Donna, so too are her personal ones. “My family is my world,” she adds. Donna has three adult daughters, two granddaughters, one grandson and another on the way. She also has a fiancé, Mark, with whom she enjoys traveling and spending time with their three dogs.

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