What started as service to our country in the U.S.  Air Force ultimately led to a career in IT for veteran Jeff Libby, an IT Support Specialist for Draper and Kramer.

“I first learned tech-related skills working on electronic equipment while in the Air Force. Then, years later, a fellow veteran and friend reached out to me to help him with a new computer-related venture he was pursuing,” said Jeff. “While I didn’t have a great deal of computer experience at the time, I am the type of person who likes to learn on the fly – and I did. That on-the-job experience, coupled with several IT and tech courses I completed, brought me to my current role with Draper and Kramer.”

According to Jeff, his natural inclination of wanting to be helpful makes him an ideal IT Specialist. “IT folks are helpers, no doubt about it. And I really enjoy helping everyone at Draper and Kramer be able to access and fully utilize all the software and computer programs the company provides,” he said. “DK is a company that invests a lot in technology and it is rewarding to help our team maximize those resources.”

His desire to be of service isn’t limited to his tech role, Jeff jokes. He said of the three words co-workers would use to describe him, one would be “coffeemaker.”

“Jeff has such a positive attitude and brings a service-oriented focus to everything he does,” said Peter Nagle, director of information technology for Draper and Kramer. “He goes above and beyond, no matter the situation and is incredibly reliable. He’s a true asset to our team.”

During his professional journey, Jeff has kept in mind the advice he received along the way to never become complacent in your job. “It was good advice and I take it to heart,” he said. “And Draper and Kramer is a great place to work if that’s your attitude. The company gives employees a lot of opportunities to learn and grow.”

When he isn’t coming to the tech rescue for people at Draper and Kramer, Jeff enjoys spending time with his wife and four grown children, and helping out at his church.

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