In honor of Women’s History Month, our March employee spotlight features one of the many incredible women we have on our team at Draper and Kramer, Incorporated: Julie Stevlingson, CPM, Senior Vice President and Director of Management Services.

Julie has been in the real estate industry for over 30 years – though her incredibly successful career initially started as a part-time weekend gig.

“I studied Mass Communications in college and found a job in my field after graduation, but I needed a part-time job to supplement my income. So, I found a job as a leasing agent for a luxury high-rise in Minneapolis, where I lived at the time,” Julie said. “It was intended as just a weekend job but about six months after I started, the owner walked into the office and announced, ‘I’ve fired everyone else but you. And congratulations – you’re now the assistant manager!’” Julie left her communications job and committed full-time to her new role.

A group of woman standing shoulder-to-shoulder smiling at the camera.
Julie (pictured right) standing with several managers of her property management team.

Today, Julie oversees Draper and Kramer’s property management division with a team that includes our Regional Managers and Vice President of Operations, Vice President of Leasing, and Vice President of Capital Improvements and Maintenance Services. “One of the favorite things about my job is the truly engaged and committed team of people I work with,” she noted.

Her fellow Draper and Kramer teammates – especially fellow women in the industry – feel the same about Julie.  Chief Administrative Officer Christine Ramsey said, “I was excited to learn that Julie was selected as our spotlight employee for March, Women’s history month! She embodies the attributes of what a female leader should be. Julie is truly genuine in her communication, collaborative in her approach to solving problems, and 100%  supportive of women in the workplace from her peers to those just getting started.”

Christine added, “She regularly gives up the spotlight so the next generation of women leaders can shine.”

There are two images. The left is a woman smiling holding a puppy up her face. The right is the same puppy years later as full-size dog sitting on steps.
On the left is Julie with Maverick when she brought him home. On the right is Maverick today.

When Julie isn’t visiting Draper and Kramer’s various properties, she is off visiting the Caribbean, working toward the goal she shares with her husband, Scott, of visiting every island. She is also a proud “dog mom” to her three-year-old Fox Red Lab named Maverick, whom she and Scott adopted during the first month of the Covid-19 lockdown. “He’s truly a pandemic puppy!” she jokes.

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A portrait of Julie Stevlingson on a blue background.

Julie F. Stevlingson, CPM®, Senior Vice President, Director of Management Services

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