Our employee spotlight for February is a special one! We’re highlighting Regina Anderson just as much for the fantastic work she does at Draper and Kramer, Incorporated as we are for what she does when she’s not at the office. Regina, a long-term DK team member coordinates all our office services needs and provides additional administrative support for many departments with special projects. What you might not know about Regina is that she is also a published author. Her book, Unstoppable, was inspired by her two sons, and is meant to empower young Black boys to live to their potential and share their gifts with everyone around them. So this month, we’re celebrating Regina and her book in honor of Black History Month.

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Regina drew inspiration from her two sons for her book, Unstoppable, which aims to empower young Black boys to embrace their full potential and contribute their talents to the world around them.

“My sons, Ilijah and Ixavier, are everything to me, and I know what a tough place the world can be – especially for Black boys. This project started as a collection of positive stories and affirmations I compiled to grow their self-confidence and help them navigate life’s challenges,” said Regina. “I love that it’s now a published book available to parents and caregivers of Black boys everywhere. This positivity is so important.”

Given that Regina published a book in addition to working full-time, it’s not surprising she’s known at Draper and Kramer for her ability to multi-task.

“Regina is willing to take on any initiative – big or small – to help out her colleagues and is always willing to pitch in at a moment’s notice,” said Christine Ramsey, Draper and Kramer’s Chief Administrative Officer. “We are truly lucky to have her as part of the team.”

“I do love that there is always a lot going on and that no two days are really ever the same,” she said. “Plus I like the cross-collaboration with so many different departments. I get to interact with many different people, and I enjoy it.”

Regina also noted she likes that Draper and Kramer is a family-oriented company and gives employees plenty of opportunities to grow and learn new things.

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Outside of her professional duties and writing pursuits, Regina finds joy in the company of her sons, as depicted on the left, and her husband, seen on the right.

When she isn’t at work – or writing – Regina enjoys spending time with her sons and husband, and much of that time is dedicated to football. Both boys, ages 9 and 11, play on a team coached by her husband.

You can find Regina’s book for sale on Amazon.

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Regina, a dedicated member of the DK team, oversees the coordination of all office services and offers valuable administrative support to various departments, particularly on special projects.

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