There’s no denying it: flowers simply make a space feel like home. Whether they’re bright and vibrant or neutral and subdued, a pretty arrangement adds the perfect touch when decorating a room. Although the idea of decorating with flowers seems simple, there are a wide array of colors and flower choices to choose from, which can make designing an arrangement a bit more complex than meets the eye.

Before we dive in, if you own pets, it is very important to check the ASPCA website before bringing new flowers or plants into your home, as some can be toxic to animals.

In this article, we have laid out some of the key steps to creating a beautiful flower arrangement for your apartment, so you can design florist-worthy arrangements without the expensive price tag. Not only do floral arrangements make great centerpieces and decorative additions, but they can also be used as gifts when visiting loved ones.

Step #1: Consider Where the Arrangement Will Be Placed

Knowing where the arrangement will be placed in your apartment will help determine the shade of the flowers, the color of the vase, and the overall size of the arrangement. If you’re placing flowers in your mostly blue living room, flowers with bursts of pink, yellow, and orange can add a bright pop of color. If your living room is already very bright with various colors and textures, a simpler bouquet with rich shades of green and white may work well without contrasting with the room’s colors. Once you know where you’re placing the arrangements, it’s time to shop!

Step #2: Visit Your Local Flower Shop, Grocery Store, or Try a Flower Subscription Service

Although flowers can be expensive depending on where you go shopping, several places sell flowers for a discount. Check out your local farmer’s market, florist shop, or grocery store as well as Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Costco, or Sam’s Club if you have those stores in your area.  If you prefer to have flowers delivered to your apartment on a regular basis, consider a flower subscription service such as BouqsBloomsyBoxNative Poppy, or Urban Stems. You can select the size and flower type when choosing your subscription service as well as how often you would like the flowers to be delivered, such as every two weeks or once a month. Some subscription services also provide the option to have flowers sent in a vase, so all you have to do is unwrap the packaging and the flowers are good to go!

Step #3: Fill Your Cart With Lots of Greenery

When shopping for flowers, begin by filling your cart with lots of greenery, which will provide a foundation for the base of your arrangement. Not only is greenery more affordable than flowers, but it also looks great when mixed in with colorful arrangements. Greenery options to use as a base include eucalyptus, ivy, and fern. Eucalyptus in a pretty vase also makes a great arrangement on its own and adds a pretty natural touch to a room, without the need for flowers.

Step #4: Select Flowers that Range in Color and Size

When selecting flowers, try to opt for an uneven number of flowers so that the arrangement will look as natural as possible. For the center of the arrangement, select three to five stems that will serve as the focal point. From there, select four to seven medium flowers that complement the larger stems. The rest of the arrangement will be filled in with greenery.A close-up of a woman holding a bouquet of green and red flowers. A quote reads: "Not only do floral arrangements make great centerpieces and decorative additions, but they can also be used as gifts when visiting loved ones. "

Step #5: Choose a Vase

The vase will depend on the flower arrangement you’re creating. If you’re creating an arrangement with tulips or roses, a taller vase often works best for the long stems. This type of vase helps keep the flowers upright while these floral arrangers attach to the top of the vase and help keep the flowers upright. In addition to traditional vases, flowers can also go in plastic containers you may have around the apartment and then place in woven baskets.

Step #6: Cut, Trim and Prepare the Flowers

Preparing the flowers properly will help ensure that they’ll last longer. When you arrive back at your apartment with the flowers, fill a vase with lukewarm water and flower food, which will help reduce bacteria and keep your flowers looking healthy and fresh longer. If the flowers you purchased didn’t come with flower food, you can make your own by following the recipe below:

Flower Food Recipe:
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of white vinegar
  • 1 quart of water

Alternatively, you can create a 50/50 mix with water and a sugary citrus drink such as Sprite. After creating the flower food recipe, cut and trim one inch off of the bottom of each stem at a 45-degree angle to help the flowers last longer.

Step #7: Put the Largest Flowers in the Center

When arranging the flowers, create a dome-like shape by placing the largest flowers at the center and then arranging the medium-sized pieces around the focal point. It may be necessary to cut the flowers at different lengths to help give that dome-like appearance. Don’t forget to use an uneven number of flowers to give the arrangement a natural look.

Alternatives to Flowers

If you have young children or pets in your home, flower arrangements may quickly turn disastrous! As an alternative to real flowers, consider purchasing fake flowers, fake plants, potpourri, or candles. Floral scented candles and potpourri offer a similar fresh flower scent without the potential mess from pets or kids!

Things to Consider

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A woman arranges a bouquet of red, pink and orange roses in a vase set atop a small, round table in her living room.

Whether they’re bright and vibrant or neutral and subdued, a pretty arrangement adds the perfect touch when decorating a room.

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