Tired of staring at the same four walls day after day?

Thankfully it’s summertime, and that means it’s the perfect opportunity to take your work-from-home space outdoors. Breathe in the fresh air, feel the sun on your skin, and embrace the luxury of not working in an office!

In this article, we’ll explore some tips and tricks to help you create an ideal outdoor workspace that will make your workdays feel a little less stressful.

1. Invest in an Anti-Glare Computer Screen Protector

If you want to sit directly in the sun, the glare from the sun makes it very challenging to see a computer screen. Not only that, sun glare strains the eyes as well. If you plan on spending time in a non-shaded area, consider a sunshade or this adorable striped visor. If you’re working near a pool or the ocean, consider this water-resistant laptop tent. Use visors in the shade as well as squinting and strain happens in shaded areas too.

In addition to investing in an anti-glare computer cover, protect your eyes from glare by wearing sunglasses while sitting outside.

2. Use Flexible and/or Outdoor-Friendly Furniture

To create a comfortable work environment, invest in outdoor-friendly office furniture. Look for a sturdy, waterproof table and comfortable seating or cushions couch to make the space more inviting.

If you want to make your space more flexible, consider a folding table or collapsible lap tray that you can bring to the park, beach, pool, etc.

3. Spend Extra Time in the Shade and Apply Plenty of Sunscreen

Working outdoors means dealing with the sun’s rays. While it’s beneficial to soak up some vitamin D, it’s also essential to protect yourself from excessive UV rays. Don’t forget to wear a hat, bring sunglasses, and apply sunscreen to protect your skin/avoid sunburn.

4. Stay Connected with a Portable or Mobile Hotspot

Before you set up your outdoor workspace, ensure a stable internet connection. Test the Wi-Fi signal in your chosen area to ensure it’s strong enough for uninterrupted work. If your Wi-Fi doesn’t reach outside, consider using a Wi-Fi extender or a mobile hotspot. Also, bear in mind that some tasks may require a lot of bandwidth (downloading files, video editing, etc.), so make sure your connection is strong enough to handle that.

Alternatively, if you have a large document you need to read or something that requires your full attention, consider leaving your hotspot devices at home. Instead, go to an outdoor area without Wi-Fi (such as the park) to fully avoid distractions.

5. Invest in Headphones That Cut Out Sounds

While enjoying the sounds of nature is the ideal scenario when working outside, that often isn’t the reality. Whether you’re in a park, on your building’s rooftop, or at an outdoor coffee shop, there will most likely be people chatting around you, music playing, and sounds of traffic/sirens and construction, especially if you live in a city such as ChicagoDallas/Fort WorthPhoenixSaint Louis, etc.

Invest in noise-canceling headphones, especially if you’re going to be on calls. Coffee shops tend to have loud music, and those with outdoor space usually blast their music even louder. You’ll want to be sure clients and coworkers can’t hear anything in the background while on calls.

These headphones from Anker and these headphones from Razer are more affordable than their Bose counterparts. If you’re open to investing a bit more, consider these noise-canceling headphones from JBL, these Bluetooth headphones from Bose, or these industry-leading headphones from Sony. If you want earbuds, the tried-and-true noise-canceling Apple AirPods are always a great investment as well as the noise-canceling earphones from Beats Studio.

Person sitting at an outdoor table with a laptop under an arched walkway attached to a pink building. Two stools are nearby.
Elevate your work-from-home experience by taking it outdoors! Unwind, soak up some sun, and discover how a change of scenery can make your workdays more enjoyable and productive.

6. Charge Devices Prior to Moving Outdoors

Prior to setting up your outdoor workspace, ensure you have access to power outlets or an extension cord. If you’re working in an area without power outlets, charge all of your electronics fully before leaving your apartment.

7. Invest in a Portable Fan & Insulated Water Bottle

Working outdoors in the summer can get toasty. Stay cool by setting up a battery-operated fan near your workspace or a misting fan to beat the heat. Stay hydrated with an insulated water bottle, or a smart water bottle that reminds you to drink water throughout the day. If you want additional reminders to get the proper amount of water, consider a Bluetooth water bottle that connects to your phone and Apple Watch. Avoid overheating by taking regular breaks and spending more time in the shade than in the sun.

8. Don’t Forget to Take Breaks and Enjoy Your Surroundings

When we’re in work mode, it can be easy to become consumed with the computer in front of us. Don’t forget to take regular breaks and enjoy the outdoor ambiance. Take a walk around your workspace, stretch your legs, and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Use your break time to do a quick workout, meditate, or recharge. After all, one of the benefits of working outside is the opportunity to blend work and relaxation. Consider incorporating short outdoor activities into your breaks, such as reading a book, practicing yoga, or enjoying a cocktail (if it’s the end of the workday!).

Final Thoughts on Working Outdoors

Working from home doesn’t have to mean being stuck indoors all summer. By moving your work outdoors, you can breathe new life into your daily routine while soaking up the sunshine. Find a serene spot, set up a comfortable workspace, and enjoy the beauty of nature while you work through your to-do list.

If you’re in the market for an apartment, Draper & Kramer’s luxury rental properties offer tenants private terraces and balconies as well as a broad array of convenient amenities and common areas where residents can work outdoors. Many Draper & Kramer buildings have private terraces, shared rooftops, pools, coworking lounges, and a wide range of other energizing areas to work remotely and relax and recharge. Contact us to learn more.

A person works on a laptop and other devices on an outdoor patio with a view of tropical foliage.

Discover how to transform your work-from-home routine with these tips for creating the perfect outdoor workspace. Breathe fresh air, feel the sun, and boost your productivity this summer!

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