When beginning an apartment search, determining what apartment size you should look for can be a difficult decision. If you are considering upgrading your space from a studio or one-bedroom apartment to a two-bedroom apartment, there are several benefits in doing so – especially for those who have a growing family, work from home, or are in need of a workout room.

With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic this year, countless individuals will now work from home for the foreseeable future, making many re-think their home office setup and seek additional space. Families and individuals are spending more time at home to ensure the safety of our community, making it even more important to live in a home that fits you or your family’s needs.

Here are some of the many benefits of renting a two-bedroom apartment:

1. Additional Space for a Home Office

Having separation between home and work is vital for our mental health. However, finding a balance when working from home can be difficult – especially when working out of the same room where you sleep. You may find yourself staying up later at night to finish a project when your computer is right next to your bed, rather than in a separate part of the apartment. Having a second bedroom provides flexible space for a home office, helping to create some degree of a work-life balance.

If you are living with a significant other or a family, having a separate room to close the door while on conference calls can help significantly by limiting distractions. Additionally, if you and your partner both work from home, having separate workspaces will provide a quieter area for both of you to concentrate. If the office area has a pull-out couch, this space can also be used in the event you or your loved one becomes sick and needs to quarantine on one side of the house.

2. Can be Converted into an Exercise or Yoga Room

The great part about having a second bedroom is the versatility the room brings. While many may prefer to convert the space into a home office, the room can also be used to house exercise equipment, practice yoga or Pilates, and spend time doing some other form of exercise or hobby. Smaller workout equipment can also be tucked away into the closet, making the room feel less cluttered if the area also serves as an office space.

In addition to being used as an exercise room or home office, this space can also be used to practice hobbies such as music, painting, sewing, reading, and more.

3. Offers the Option to Add a Roommate 

Having a two-bedroom apartment can be costly, depending on the area where you want to live. If you live alone and the price of your apartment becomes a bit more than you can handle, having a two-bedroom apartment opens up the opportunity to bring in a second roommate down the line (if your building allows it). Having that as an option can help renters feel at ease when taking the financial step into renting a two-bedroom apartment vs. a studio or one-bedroom apartment.

Alternatively, if you plan on living with a roommate and are considering sharing a one-bedroom apartment to save money, it is strongly encouraged to discuss expanding to a two-bedroom apartment. While this may mean moving into a building that doesn’t have every amenity you had hoped for, having a designated bedroom in the apartment for each of you to call your own will offer a much better living situation and will provide a healthy balance between spending time with your roommate and having time for yourself.

4. Space for a Growing Family 

If you and your partner are beginning to plan for a family, having a second bedroom will provide much-needed space for a crib, stroller, and other items for the baby. Even if the baby spends the first six months sleeping in your room, it will still be helpful to have an extra room for storage space, as you will accumulate a considerable amount of clothing, toys, diapers, and other items that are needed for the little one.

5. Great for Extra Storage

For some people, a one-bedroom apartment simply does not provide enough space for their items. Rather than spending extra money on a storage space each month, which can be costly, it may be more worthwhile to have a second bedroom to hold your items. Determine the cost of a storage unit vs. a second bedroom to determine which option may make the most sense for you financially.

Tips for Converting a Second Bedroom into the Ideal Home Office

The more organized and invigorating your home office is designed, the more productive you will feel. Decorate with bright, lively colors such as greens, whites, and yellows to make the room feel as energizing as possible. Although keeping a home office area clean and organized can sometimes feel like an impossibility, the more minimalist the space is, the more clear-headed you will feel. If the room gets considerable natural light, try to place your desk in an area where you can reap the rewards of the sunshine.

Although standing desks can be expensive, they are a worthwhile investment if you find yourself sitting most of the day. Standing desks can help offset back and neck problems as well as a host of health issues that can come about from sitting all day. If the price of a standing desk is a bit too much, consider purchasing a standing tabletop that can be set up directly on your desk itself.

Find Your Two-Bedroom Apartment Today

While renting a two bedroom is certainly more of a financial commitment than a studio or one bedroom, a two-bedroom apartment will provide additional flexibility for a home office, a second bedroom for a growing family, or space for a guest room. If you’re beginning your apartment search, take a virtual tour of Draper and Kramer’s two-bedroom apartment options by visiting draperandkramer.com.

A home office setup with a large white desk, dresser and book shelf.

The more organized and invigorating your home office is designed, the more productive you will feel. Decorate with bright, lively colors such as greens, whites, and yellows to make the room feel as energizing as possible.

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